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Since Lebanese people are tourists in their own country and are always asking for information: who? Where is the exact location? And always facing the same problem: lack of accurate information. Therefore, the idea of launching “daleel lebnen” mobile application came to fulfill Lebanese people needs. “daleel lebnen” will introduce them to know each corner in their country in an efficient and effective way by simply downloading our application.

“Daleel Lebnen” is a Lebanese geo-aware mobile/web directory that aims to include every single business in Lebanon, mainly connecting all categories of public and private utilities with widely-segmented product/service seekers everywhere in Lebanon.

Daleel Lebnen directory application aims to become the ultimate Lebanon directory which will hopefully enhance coordination and synergetic interaction among multi-sectors of users, business men and small to medium enterprises, through its innovative time & energy-saving features: • Optimal GPS accuracy: Unlike traditional Lebanese mobile/web directory applications, Daleel Lebnen mobile app claims to provide inch-level accuracy in specifying both geographical updated location and instant availability of all listed utilities. • High tech interactive mobile engine: Instead of just guiding users to their market targets, Daleel Lebnen mobile application allows a flexible instantaneous interactive communication between meticulous users and the most qualified business available to meet their demands, mainly through live chat allowing fine tuning between fluctuating demands and categorized offers. • Categorized product/service matching: The primary cutting edge advantage of any local directory application is to facilitate as individually as possible the ideal customized product/service available in the market, through a refined matching process where both the searching user and the listed business reach optimal satisfaction. The more categorized search, the less time consuming and redundant market offers. • Rational optimization of businesses' ROI: In a global market where the competition is seeking to achieve innovative breakthroughs on daily basis, an ambitious mobile/web application visions its future success by focusing on one ultimate objective: rationalize product/service matching to satisfy meticulous users, and consequently optimize small/medium growing businesses' ROI over a long run, through the steady process of customers’ idealization and customized optimal quality/time ratio.

It’s a platform where the user can easily search for what he needs (restaurants, hotels, rent a car, banks, clothes, hospitals, universities, etc.) .The user can get accurate information such as the phone number, GPS for the exact address, profile description, photos, etc.; besides,, the user can directly interact and communicate with the client.
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